Adopt or Foster a Kitten


Interested in Adopting? Visit our Petfinder page to see kittens currently looking for a home.


Fostering a feral-born kitten can turn an unadoptable feline into an adoptable and loving companion. Depending on their age and current familiarity with humans, a kitten can be made adoption-ready after a few weeks or months of committed attention. You should have some experience working with kittens and be able to spend time with them throughout the day. They need everything from you that you would normally provide for a non-feral kitten to be healthy and happy, such as food, water, a litterbox, toys, and natural light. They also need frequent handling and interaction with you so they can learn to enjoy your company and seek out the affections of people in general. If you are able to take on this type of commitment, we look forward to guiding you through the process.