Adopt a Barn Cat

Barn cats provide a totally natural method for controlling rodents that will spare you the need to use poisons to protect feed. Alley Cat Project rescues feral and semi-feral cats who are unadoptable as indoor pets. Normally, we trap-neuter-return them to the sites where they were found. However, in some cases, the feral cats cannot be returned. Over the past few years, we have successfully re-homed about 250 feral cats to barn homes.  All barn cats will have been spayed/neutered and vaccinated before delivery.  If you need a couple of mousers,  and can provide daily food, fresh water, a safe warm shelter, and humane treatment, please consider providing a home to an otherwise unadoptable cat.

If you can provide a "barn home" to a homeless feral cat, we can visit your home/barn/shed/shop/warehouse to help plan the placement, and deliver the cats, if you are located near the Seattle area. We can also loan equipment for the rehoming process, if necessary.  The confinement period of acclimation before the cats can be released to roam free typically takes 3 weeks.   We look forward to helping you find the mousers that are right for your situation.

If you are interested in adopting barn cats, please download and complete the “Barn Cat Request” form, which is on our “Adoption Documents” page herein. Please return the document to:  You may also call Deb at:  (206)745-0243, for more information.

Cost:    No Fee for delivery or adoptions. Donations to defray some of our expenses are appreciated, but not required.