Join Us

Below is a brief description of five roles you could play to help cats.  You’ll find the work very rewarding.  Currently we play many roles, since there are only six of us!

Capture – Do you have a car and flexibility during the evening hours?  Capturing cats works best in the evening when cats are hungry and active.
Holding and Drop off – Are you an early riser with a car and enclosed garage, shed, or basement?  If so, you’re a great candidate to help transport cats to the Spay/Neuter clinic in Lynnwood on weekdays and Sunday mornings.
Pickup and Recovery -  Do you have a car and flexible schedule during the day?  You could help picking up cats after their surgeries and keeping them warm for one or two days while they recover.
Fostering kittens – Want to tame a wild kitten to have a better life? If you have prior experience working with kittens, are patient and living in a calm and stable environment, and are home most days or evenings, then you may be a great candidate to help a little kitten learn to trust people.  Kittens born to stray mothers can be socialized within the first few weeks of their life.
Rehoming Barn Cats – Want to help unwanted cats find better lives in the country?  If you don’t mind driving moderate distances and want the thrill of matching barn owners with working cats this is for you.