Our funding comes from:
  1. Donations from people we help and people who like what we do.
  2. Time and money from our volunteers
  3. Fees from the small number of cats we adopt out.
Alley Cat Project is a 501c3 organization and your donation is tax deductible.

You can help us by donating and there are three ways that you can do this.

1. Donate money to Alley Cat Project
Money will go to medical care and supplies for cats and trapping.  The easiest way is to donate via PayPal.

2. Mail a check made out to Alley Cat Project. Please email us for the address at  
We are a registered charity and a 501(c)3, Tax ID 38-3837142
3. Donate supplies directly to Alley Cat Project. Contact us to find out which supplies we currently need.
Donate your used cat supplies to us or buy us stuff from our Amazon Wish List.