Found a Stray?

Our organization is focused on helping feral cats - cats born in the wild, and not socialized by humans. And although we do not have financial or staff resources to assist tame cats, we have provided the following information to help you reunite a tame stray cat with its owner.

If you find a cat that looks like it may be lost, you can have it scanned for a microchip at any animal shelter or veterinarian's office. There are several companies that make chips and many more that register them. You may find this chart useful in identifying the type of chip that has been detected. 

If no chip is found you can advertise "found pet" details, check for "lost pet" ads posted by the owner, create and circulate a flyer, or contact the Missing Pet Partnership(Seattle only). The Seattle Animal Shelter has funding to provide veterinary care for injured or sick cats. They will house cats for three days and then offer them up for adoption, if not redeemed by owner.

Tips for creating a flyer:

  • Keep the message simple: "FOUND CAT / NORTH GREENLAKE AREA / ORANGE TABBY"
  • Include your phone number
  • Include 1-2 photos (well lit, taken from cat's level not from overhead, include full body)
  • Print large (make it readable from a distance of 10 feet)
Tips for distributing a flyer:
  • Protect flyers posted outside against the weather by securing it in plastic, sealing all edges with tape
  • Post where people are likely to be driving slowly or walking
  • Give a copy to your mail carrier (it is illegal to put flyers directly into mailboxes)
  • Distribute copies to all veternarian clinics in the area
  • Add a flyer to the "lost pets" notebooks kept at animal shelters
Sites for posting lost pet ads (in alphabetical order):
Amber Alert for Pets (you must set up a free account) 
America's National Lost & Found Pet Database
Flealess Market Lost Pets International
Little Nickel Classfieds (paper and online)
Lost & Found Now – Washington State 
Lost & Pound
Lost or Found Online
Missing Pet Network (USDA) 
Operation K.O.N.A.
PetFinder (they only hold a post for two weeks, then you’ll have to repost)
The Pet Rescue
West Seattle Blog – Lost/Found pets
Feline-Amber-Alert (Yahoo Groups – must join, free) 
Tabby Tracker