Alley Cat Project is working to reduce the over population of cats in Seattle mainly through altering unowned free roaming cats. Reducing over population is an essential part of ensuring that every cat has a good home.

Here is what we do:
  • Trap, Neuter (or spay), and Return (TNR) feral cats to their colonies.  TNR is a humane solution to the problem of unowned free roaming cats.
  • Friendly cats who were lost or abandoned are surrendered to the Seattle Animal Shelter so that they can be redeemed by an owner or adopted to a new family.
  • Semi-friendly kittens and cats are socialized and adopted out as pets.
  • All cats receive basic medical care, nutritious food, and safe and sanitary conditions to recover after alteration.

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How We Can Help You

  • If you have free roaming cats in your neighborhood we help with trapping, transporting, and altering them.  
  • If you are taking care of a lot of cats and can not afford to have them altered we can help with low cost or free spay/neuter.  
Contact us by Phone: 206-745-0243 or e-mail

How You Can Help Us

  • We rely on people to identify unowned free roaming cats.  If you know of such cats call us.
  • Volunteer for us to trap, transport, house, foster, and socialize cats and kittens. 
  • Donate to us.  Our average cost per cat is about $30. We are a 501c3 organization (Tax ID 38-3837142)