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Alley Cat Project is working to reduce the over population of cats in Seattle mainly through altering unowned free roaming cats.  We are a small, volunteer run registered charity filling a need in Seattle not addressed by any other group.  We:
  • Trap, Neuter (or spay), and Return (TNR) feral cats to their colonies.  TNR is a humane solution to the problem of unowned free roaming cats.
  • Friendly cats who were lost or abandoned are surrendered to the Seattle Animal Shelter so that they can be redeemed by an owner or adopted to a new family.
  • Cats not welcome back to their original colony are placed in barn homes, warehouses, and back yards as mousers. 
  • Semi-friendly kittens and cats are socialized and adopted out as pets.
  • All cats receive basic medical care, nutritious food, and safe and sanitary conditions to recover after alteration.

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How We Can Help You

  • If you have free roaming cats in your neighborhood we will do the work of trapping, transporting, and altering them.  
  • If you are taking care of a lot of cats and can not afford to have them altered we can help with low cost or free spay/neuter.  
Contact us by Phone: 206-395-9021 or e-mail AlleyCatProject206@gmail.com

How You Can Help Us

  • We rely on people to identify unowned free roaming cats.  If you know of such cats call us.
  • Volunteer for us to trap, transport, house, foster, and socialize cats and kittens.  We altered 137 cats in 2013.  More volunteers will allow us to increase capacity.